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Actors of various market sectors such as Transport - Aeronautic, Automotive, Shipyard, Railway industry - Mechanical industries, Defense, Energy, Metallurgy, Advanced Technology, Scientific Research, Electronic, du Medical, Food & Beverage…

Looking for solutions on materials and associated treatments to provide best performances on conditions of use.

Position: Engineering, Research and Development, Operation, Maintenance, Purchase departments…


Equipments and service suppliers for:

  • Heat Treatment
    Sub-Contractors on heat treatment
    Furnaces and related equipments
    Process analysis, monitoring and control
    Cleaning machine
    Energy, industrial gases, quenching products (oils, polymers, salts)…


  • Surface treatment and functional coatings
    Surface treatment companies (Formulators and applicators)
    Lines and related equipments for surface treatments and coatings
    Chemical specialties
  • Vacuum technologies
    Pumps and accessories for vacuum
    Vacuum chambers and components
    Maintenance engineering and spare parts
    Measuring and control devices (flow instruments, spectrometer, leak detection, temperature and pressure control…)
    Vacuum metrology
    Ion injector
    Surface analysis and characterization
    Training and edition
  • Thin films
    Materials and equipments for thin film deposition
    Ion sources
    Surface activation
    Deposition system
    Plasma power supplies