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Innovation Prize

On reception of their booth reservation, exhibitors will be given a participation slip allowing them to take part in the A3TS and SFV Innovation Prize competition.

The two winners will benefit from free publicity in all the publications and on the web sites of A3TS and SFV.

SVTM 2017 Innovation Prize Vacuum technologies section (SFV Award)

The SFV Innovation Award has been granted to POLYGON PHYSICS for its HEXAR technology: a modular concept that enables the creation of plasma and ion beams for the vacuum treatment of surfaces of any shape and size.

Surface treatments based on ion beams are widely used in the manufacturing of components for a wide range of applications. Traditionally, the treatment of large surface areas is done by sources based on a single large plasma that requires a large power to ignite and maintain that plasma. For such sources it is a challenge to ensure a uniform treatment across the entire surface.

Polygon Physics has chosen a bottom-up approach: generating a single large beam from a hexagonal repetition of a small and individually controlled ‘building block’. This approach enables the creation of beams of arbitrary size and shape (linear, square, circular, annular, etc.) with the added advantage of a controlled beam intensity profile.
Key element is that ‘building block’ (patented): a thumb-sized microwave cavity designed without consumables, which operates in ECR mode with a very low power consumption.

The first HEXAR source (HEXAR-7, based on seven cavities for a beam of Ø80mm) has been integrated into an ion beam etching system.

SVTM 2017 Innovation Prize
Materials treatment section (A3TS Award)

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